Joys of IP Unnumbered

About a month or so ago I learned how do something on a Cisco Router called ‘IP Unnumbered’. The neat thing about it is that if I have two of them hooked together over a connection with the CSU/DSU WIC card in it I do not need a set of WAN IP addresses. It uses the ‘fastethernet0’ as it’s pseudo address. It took me a short bit to wrap my mind around the routing for it but once it clicked it became easy. I learned it as we hooked up a T1 connection between the main San Antonio location and a location in Webster, TX. I found out about the command when I was hooking up a T1 for an Internet connection and the ISP told me to use that command. When I learn a new command or trick I have to figure out all aspects of it if time presents itself. Luckly it did so now I am versed in that method. You know, if I was rich I think I would buy a bunch of routers and bridges and other devices just to tinker with them. Alas, I am not flush with the green so I just learn as I get chances to.

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