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Cuphead Isle 1 done

Wow. It was not easy to get past the first isle. I wonder if I can get past the second.

SharePoint Online(365) following SP sites

So, today I learned something. Part of my job is to work in Azure(365) and this little bit I never knew but now I know. If you are trying to follow a SP site it will not work unless you are a member of the site. It does not matter if you are a site …

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How to Create an admin account on MacOS without admin rights

I was unable to log into a Macbook Pro the other day where I work because I did not have the admin password and so I looked up how to bypass this. I came across these steps across multiple sites so I figured I would document this little how to. This was tested with Catalina. …

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PXE Boot Issue

Well, yesterday(03/26/2019) I came across a PXE boot issue which seemed to come out of the blue. I would start up a system and try to PXE boot. The error I would get was “A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed.” This would happen not that far into the boot process. Of course …

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Die Hard IS a Christmas movie

An old friend named Assan posted this on Facebook and I found the logic to be sound and after getting his permission I shared it here. From Assan’s post: I am about to settle the “Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?” argument ONCE AND FOR ALL! Are you ready? If I asked you to name …

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UEFI and BIOS(Legacy) PXE Booting for MDT

Ok, well to start this off I have been working with MDT and SCCM for years. I remember when computers started to include the ability to switch between UEFI and Legacy mode. If you want to know which you should use that would be for a different post as I am dealing with PXE booting …

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Been working since September

I got a nifty job at a company that is an MSP. It is a Managed Service Provider here in Houston, TX. It has plenty of variety and keeps me thinking usually. I also get to tinker with deployment, which is nice and one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy automation and making …

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Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico

It looks like another hurricane is coming through. Instead of doing what Irma did and graze PR it looks like this one is hurting them pretty badly. Of course Irma grazing them was not easy on the residents. “Much more devastating” Hurricane Maria hammers Puerto Rico

Earthquake in Mexico

Well, there has been some devastation all around it seems. http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/08/americas/earthquake-hits-off-the-coast-of-southern-mexico/index.html A coworker of mine, when I was at AVEVA, was down the street from where some buildings fell. Glad he is ok.

New Apache vulnerability[Optionsbleed]

I was reading up on this problem from the article linked here. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/09/apache-bug-leaks-contents-of-server-memory-for-all-to-see-patch-now/ Just make sure you update your Apache version to correct this issue. It has to do with the options request.

Updated resume

I have added my resume back to the resume tab but I still think the look of this version needs work. Word to HTML is crap so I had to do most of it manually. With that I had to brush up on HTML as well. Always learning and refreshing something it seems.

Running virtual machines

I currently have a load of VMs on my desktop for various uses. I also have a VM of Windows 10 running so I can learn C# programming. I am not terribly good at it yet of course but one has to start from somewhere. My endgame is to learn how to make Windows 10 …

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UPS devices and the pain they can be

I have some older UPS hardware that the devices themselves should be fine but the batteries are shot. The most painful part of this is when they have decided to expand and trying to get them out without bursting the batteries or damaging the actual unit. I may have a bit of a night ahead …

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Not too sure

I am back and may try to update this blog with random stuff every so often. Maybe computer stuff I find neat. I don’t know yet but we will see.

Working on a revamp

I got rid of lackofpants.com. As much as I wanted to hold on to it I did not see myself doing much with it. So far this is mostly a copy from that domain. I plan to make some visual changes in the coming weeks, months, whenever.

Our second child has been born

It has been a while since I have updated the blog on here and I plan to make some changes in the future. Our second child was born on July 1st. We now have an infant and a 4 year old. It is a lot less scary than I thought it was going to be …

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A silly hotfix

For various reasons up at work I have configured a deployment setup for the training room. It is a rather decent setup combining the Microsoft Development Toolkit(MDT), Windows AIK, and the Windows Deployment Services(WDS). It was working fine with deploying Windows XP, attaching to the domain, installing all sorts of software. Well, we got new …

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Software updates

I have this nagging issue with the way updates are done on Windows. I think that Microsoft should have APIs and other ways to tie into their update software so companies like Adobe (Acrobat, etc.) and Oracle (Java) can just have it check for updates. That way it would be one piece of software doing …

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Happy New Year 2011

Another year came and went. Since we will be having a second youngin coming along this year it will be an eventful one. Not much else is happening at the moment. Just dorking around until work starts again. W00t!!

Droid Incredible Battery

Well, the default battery that this phone comes with is a 1300mAh one. For light usage it may last through the day but for someone like me it does not. One of the things I got for Christmas was a 2150mAh battery. So far it has lasted way longer even through my normal usage. I …

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