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Irritation thy name be ‘A Record’

If you do not know anything about DNS records and how they work then this will not make a great deal of sense to you. My niece was having trouble sending email to someone she knows as it would bounce back saying mail.theuncle.com was on a blacklist. I checked and it seemed the reason was …

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Visiting family

What a night. I went to visit my Grandpa so I could wish him a Happy Birthday and ended up talking politics with one of my aunts and a cousin until around midnight. It was fun though. Needless to say I got to sleep late.

MBR and other irritating things

Well, I have learned something recently. Well, specifically yesterday I learned it. If you install Mandrake Linux 9.1 be careful since it likes to put LILO in the MBR. I had to learn the way to restore the Windows 2000 MBR so I would be able to boot Windows. I have Windows 2000 set up …

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Grandpa’s Birthday

Well, my Grandfather will be 80 on August 8th, 2003. I plan to go over there today and visit for a little while.

Rebuilding the beast

Oh man, I just remembered that I will have to reinstall Windows 2000 on my primary workstation. You know you have to when the copy/paste function suddenly stops working for no reason with no errors and then later on starts working again. I have had it installed for a long time. At least for someone …

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Apophis…not the false god

Apophis is the name of one of my computers. I was having problems with it this past week. I was having trouble pinpointing the problem until I looked at the Event Viewer and saw that the DVD-ROM drive was throwing out read errors. I decided to be lazy for the interm and just plug a …

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Little Mikey

Here is a picture of one of my nephews at 2 months. All I know is that I need to visit him more before he goes off to college. 😉 View image

Ready for the weekend

Wow, I finally got Movable Type going and it is getting time for the weekend. On Saturday afternoon or so I plan to go with my gf to my sister’s house to fix her computer. I know I am a softie sometimes. Unless something comes up, which usually happens, I plan to tear down one …

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