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PXE Boot Issue

Well, yesterday(03/26/2019) I came across a PXE boot issue which seemed to come out of the blue. I would start up a system and try to PXE boot. The error I would get was “A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed.” This would happen not that far into the boot process. Of course …

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UEFI and BIOS(Legacy) PXE Booting for MDT

Ok, well to start this off I have been working with MDT and SCCM for years. I remember when computers started to include the ability to switch between UEFI and Legacy mode. If you want to know which you should use that would be for a different post as I am dealing with PXE booting …

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Been working since September

I got a nifty job at a company that is an MSP. It is a Managed Service Provider here in Houston, TX. It has plenty of variety and keeps me thinking usually. I also get to tinker with deployment, which is nice and one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy automation and making …

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