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Another child

Just popping on here to say my wife is pregnant. We just found out today.

My Son Headbanging with his Mom to Iron Man

This was sent to my sister but is still good for general consumption.

Droid Incredible Synchronization

Since I got the phone I was interested in getting the Calendar, Contacts, and maybe even a way to sync music files. The first was easy as I researched that months ago. The contacts sync method took a little longer and I just found a way to get it to sync with iTunes, which is …

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Droid Incredible

I got the phone this past Wednesday and so far I am enjoying it a lot. First off, the phone works great as a phone. I get better quality calls on the new one than I did on my old phone, which worked well. The Internet is very fast everywhere I have used it so …

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Enabling SSH on ESXi Servers

For 3.5 follow these instructions. You must be at the console of the server for this. Hold down ALT and push F1. Just type in the word ‘unsupported’, without the quotations of course, and hit enter. You may see a warning about it being unsupported. type in the root password that was set up when …

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New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Not too long ago I got a new game for my Wii. I had a gift card from Christmas so I did not pay the $50 needed to purchase such a game. First thing, it always irritates me that Super Mario games almost always cost 50 bucks. Mario Freaking Soccer tends to cost as much …

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Preparing for some gaming

I just dug out a game I have not played in years because I am going to try and make it to a LAN party next weekend(I think). The game I am referring to is called Quake. Yes, it is rather old but the name was tossed around as a potential game to be played …

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SSH and Public Key authentication

I was toying around with this for a way to automate a backup but do it over a secure connection. Here is the basic instructions that I have for at least setting up the key authentication. Also, WordPress mangles apostrophes so if you copy the commands from here and paste them into a shell it …

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Christmas comes around again

This has been an eventful year. All sorts of things have happened in my family and the market for jobs has been a bit diminished so this year things will be a bit out of sorts. More so than usual I would imagine. I won’t go into details here on the events that have happened …

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Google Calendar has become useful

I am generally the type that only uses Google for searching. I have a Google email account, that I do not use, and have been playing with Wave a bit but never really wanted to branch out past that. At home I tend to use Outlook for my calendar. It works great but is not …

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2009 Microsoft Event in Houston

Some months back I signed up for the event and have been waiting on it as they were promising they were giving out a copy of Windows 7 Professional to each attendee. The event was yesterday and I got there around 7:30a or so. The interesting part was that it took place in the AMC …

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VMware ESXi Server on the IBM

Well, so far getting ESXi installed on my IBM was rather easy once I got a CD drive hooked up to install it on the server. I am thinking there was maybe a compatibility problem with the SATA controller and the Dell. It could have been a voltage incompatibility because it started having issues when …

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Bout time

Original configuration Originally I had a desktop computer running Windows 2003 Server as a DC. I ran it in ‘2000-Mixed mode’ for Samba’s sake as I was told it was important to do so. I eventually used the VMware Converter to make the DC a VM to run on my IBM as a guest. Samba …

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Alas poor ESXi, it was not meant to be

It seems that I will be moving my VMware related VMs and all that to my IBM once I have things migrated to my Dell. I wanted ESXi to work on the Dell properly but the limits of SATA driver support and the underlying PITA it is to dig up logs to find out what …

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ESXi and RDM

I think I have finally made some headway on my ESXi experiment. I have all the VMs and ESXi running on my RAID5 array. It all works great and the speed is not too bad but there is not enough space for data storage. I figured I could put a couple of 500GB drives and …

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The Happening

All I can say is ‘wow, what a load of tripe’. I decided to watch this movie tonight as I wanted to see if it was politically charged as some have said. BTW, if you read anymore you will get spoilers.

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Active Directory Forest Functional Level upgrade

The other day at work I needed to upgrade the functional level of the AD Forest from Windows 2000 to 2003 R2. I was going to add another server and make it the main AD server. It is running 2003 R2 but the rest in the domain controllers are running 2003 RTM with service pack …

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Another birthday came and went

It’s all good though. I am now 31 and feeling ok. Nothing hurts yet so I am still young. 🙂

VMware ESXi Server fun times

I have been off and on playing with VMware’s ESXi Server 3.5 u4 on my Dell Poweredge 2600 that is spec’ed similar to my IBM Server but has 6GB of RAM instead of 3GB. So far I have 4 VM’s running on it and it seems like a sweet spot for me as far as …

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I want a motorcycle

I have been looking around and one model has sparked my interest due to its low cost and reliability(from what I have read). It is the Honda Rebel. I know, people may holler about a Harley Davidson but I tend to stay on the broke side. A motorcycle tends to have good gas mileage, which …

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