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2009 Microsoft Event in Houston

Some months back I signed up for the event and have been waiting on it as they were promising they were giving out a copy of Windows 7 Professional to each attendee. The event was yesterday and I got there around 7:30a or so. The interesting part was that it took place in the AMC …

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Ozzfest 2005

To be short, it was fun. My sister Sherie, my Nephew Charlie, and my Niece’s husband Richard went with me to Ozzfest yesterday. We got there a little after 10a or so even though it started at 9a. It was very hot so I was drinking water most of the day. I watched some of …

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Rodeo fun

I forgot to mention when the Rodeo was in Houston that my wife and I went…three times. One thing I can say is that I got a good workout and might have lost weight in my wallet as the prices for everything was horrible. We first went to see Martina McBride then went to see …

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