2009 Microsoft Event in Houston

Some months back I signed up for the event and have been waiting on it as they were promising they were giving out a copy of Windows 7 Professional to each attendee. The event was yesterday and I got there around 7:30a or so. The interesting part was that it took place in the AMC 24 Movie Theater in the area of Willowbrook. I signed up for the developers track as that was the only opening at the time.

To be honest, this was the first time I went and sat in a movie theater and did not watch a movie. I learned a decent amount about the changes from Windows 2008 Server to the R2 release and how things worked. While I am not a programmer at the moment it was nice to see how some of the things worked in the back end.

I have been to two other Microsoft events and this seemed to be more subdued than the one last year. I guess some of the reasons may be the economy and last year’s event had Windows 2008 as a new release and not just the R2 version. I did not stay the entire day but I did finish up the morning part.

One of the nice things was after the morning talks when we all were leaving where the speech had taken place, we got Windows 7 Ultimate. I was expecting Professional since it was stated on the signup website but was happy in any case.

If I get time I may give some detail on another entry of how everything went on my install of Windows 7.

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