Google Calendar has become useful

I am generally the type that only uses Google for searching. I have a Google email account, that I do not use, and have been playing with Wave a bit but never really wanted to branch out past that.

At home I tend to use Outlook for my calendar. It works great but is not easily transferable to other devices or easy to access remotely. A couple of days ago I decided to look at the Google calendar web application just for grins. I noticed it had a simple downloadable application that would connect with Outlook and do 1 way or 2 way sync between Outlook calendar and the Google one. After testing it out things seem to work great with it so far.

I also downloaded Sunbird since while I was reading on getting Outlook to sync with Google it said it would work with the Mozilla calendar software. I figured why not. So far I have had good initial success with it. Today I connected to it and everything showed up, but a good 10 minutes or so later, some of the events were gone. I was a little irritated about this but after checking the web based method of looking at the Google calendar I was relieved that the events were still there. Sunbird would just not show them for some reason. I closed Sunbird and reopened it. After it logged back in the events would show back up for a little while before disappearing again. It seems that Sunbird or Google needs to figure out what exactly is going on.

I think that at least the Outlook syncing portion will be very useful. Also, if I get a Droid it will work with the Google calendar so I will not have to directly sync my home Outlook with the phone when I one day can afford it.

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