Ozzfest 2005

To be short, it was fun. My sister Sherie, my Nephew Charlie, and my Niece’s husband Richard went with me to Ozzfest yesterday. We got there a little after 10a or so even though it started at 9a. It was very hot so I was drinking water most of the day. I watched some of the bands that were on the second stage for a while. Of course I had to stay a bit back because the bass sound was hurting my ears if I got too close. I listen to a bit of Rob Zombie on the second stage then went to the lawn to sit and wait for the first band on the main stage. I ended up buying an Ozzy hat but no shirt as I could not afford to pay 35 bucks for a tee shirt. I got a bit red from the sun and toward the end of Black Sabbath’s set it started raining bad enough for me to want to leave. We got out of there and it took a long time to get home even though it was only in the Woodlands.

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