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Ozzfest 2005

To be short, it was fun. My sister Sherie, my Nephew Charlie, and my Niece’s husband Richard went with me to Ozzfest yesterday. We got there a little after 10a or so even though it started at 9a. It was very hot so I was drinking water most of the day. I watched some of …

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Broken toe and Ozzy

Well, my toe seems to be doing better. I also got some new shoes that might not cause pain like steel-toed ones do. From what my nephew Charlie said, we will be up there the entire day. All I know is that I am going there specifically to see Ozzy so I do not care …

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Ozzy Concert

Next month I will be going to the Ozzy concert. It is on a Saturday which is cool. They will be coming to Houston during that time and it may be Ozzy’s last time as he is getting on in the years. You never know when it will be his last year of doing it.

A Very Moving song

I recently went to this web site: I usually do not like to listen to this type of music as it normally talks about shooting people and doing other messed up stuff but I found that the song “Can I Live?” by Nick Cannon to be a moving song, rap, or whatever. He does …

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KLOL went to KRAP

I got upset when I was listening to a sister station on the AM dial “Talk Radio 950 KPRC” and the guy on there said that across the hall is where 101 is and now he has to hear music he does not understand. I switched over and found out the horrible truth. Ozzy, Metallica, …

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