New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Not too long ago I got a new game for my Wii. I had a gift card from Christmas so I did not pay the $50 needed to purchase such a game. First thing, it always irritates me that Super Mario games almost always cost 50 bucks. Mario Freaking Soccer tends to cost as much as the day it came out. That usually keeps me from purchasing the games. I understand they know they will get it often enough from a lot of people, it just makes me a bit mad. Anyway, back to the actual game for me so far. It allows you to have three different ‘profiles’ so I created one that I would only go single player on and one for when friends come over. The game is fun as hell for when friends come over as we talk smack to each other about our various Mario skills and it does stay lively. But for me, as with any Mario game, I want the single player to be a lot of fun.

Just to know a bit of my history on Mario games, I started playing Mario Brothers games back when I got my NES. I worked little jobs here and there to save up the money so I could get it. My Father said it would build character. He says that a lot but I think it did work pretty well. It made the feeling of purchasing the console and Zelda II so much better knowing the fact that I earned the money and was not given the console. The NES came with Mario Brothers and Duckhunt cartridge, two controllers, and the gun for Duckhunt. I got the orange and kinda grayish gun because some people out there thought the original gun looked too real and I got the console after that ‘problem’ was corrected. One thing that Duckhunt made me wish was that I could shoot that damn dog that would laugh at me when I would sometimes miss all the ducks.

Anyway, I have played most Mario games up to now including Mario RPG. The Mario games that started being 3D were an interesting change but I, and many others, missed the side scrolling type that came out in the past. So far on playing this game I have access to world 1-3,5, and 6. On the multiplayer I think 1-5 is opened up. Even when I beat the game I still plan to try and find all the hidden areas and unlock everything. I think this was a good buy. If you are a fan of the ‘old school’ Mario games with some new twists you may like this one. BTW, if you played the DS Mario game you will find this one to be very similar in playability and even the world map view. The multiplayer mechanics are what really sets the Wii game apart from it’s DS ‘sibling’.

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