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Droid Incredible Battery

Well, the default battery that this phone comes with is a 1300mAh one. For light usage it may last through the day but for someone like me it does not. One of the things I got for Christmas was a 2150mAh battery. So far it has lasted way longer even through my normal usage. I …

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Droid Incredible Synchronization

Since I got the phone I was interested in getting the Calendar, Contacts, and maybe even a way to sync music files. The first was easy as I researched that months ago. The contacts sync method took a little longer and I just found a way to get it to sync with iTunes, which is …

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Droid Incredible

I got the phone this past Wednesday and so far I am enjoying it a lot. First off, the phone works great as a phone. I get better quality calls on the new one than I did on my old phone, which worked well. The Internet is very fast everywhere I have used it so …

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