Droid Incredible Synchronization

Since I got the phone I was interested in getting the Calendar, Contacts, and maybe even a way to sync music files. The first was easy as I researched that months ago. The contacts sync method took a little longer and I just found a way to get it to sync with iTunes, which is a weird thing but nice. I have an iPod so all my music happens to be set up in iTunes. Most of it is self ripped music from my CD collection but a few are purchased via iTunes. Below are the applications I used to get things synced. The first two require use of your Google account.

All apps I talk about on this post are Windows only but I am sure there are alternatives for Mac and/or Linux.

Calendar Synchronization
It syncs your Outlook calendar with the Google Calendar or vice versa. You do NOT have to connect your phone to your workstation for this sync.

Contact Synchronization
It does the same thing as the calendar one but with Outlook Contacts and Google Contacts. I have noticed on this one that if there is no email address or phone number it will not sync those contacts and will throw an error. Not graceful I know but the error does not jump in your face so it’s workable. You do NOT have to connect your phone to your workstation for this sync.

Music Synchronization
This uses disk mode and I guess some iTunes API voodoo to access the iTunes playlist lists. You create a playlist and put songs into it and tell the program to take whatever is in that list and sync it with your phone when you connect it.

I know it would be nice if there was a single method to do at least the calendar and contact syncing but I have yet to find one.

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