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It’s a boy

Earlier this week we went for the latest batch of ultrasounds and the nurse that was doing it said that our child is a boy. Looks like I may need to purchase some cigars soon for the big day. Also, Merry Christmas. You know, this should be a good Christmas… http://pictures.smock.com/ Go here for the …

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Chipset issues

I had the chipset fan on my motherboard go out a few weeks ago which started to cause rebooting issues every few days on my main desktop. I found a replacement the day before Thanksgiving. It is a huge heatsink without a fan which seems to be doing the job. I think that the job …

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It’s that time of year

Well, Thanksgiving came and went with only my stomach aching along the way. Christmas will be along in no time and it may be a little slim this year, presents wise, but that is fine. As long as I have my family and friends I am good to go. Not much else is happening. Work …

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Baby update

Well, I know our kiddo is not too far along yet but the ultrasound pictures are showing our child as developing well. I am hoping to have all of the pictures uploaded to pictures.smock.com soon and plan to try and keep it updated with new pictures as it gets closer to ‘go time’. I know …

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Our Little Hurricane

Well, that is sort of what the kiddo looks like so far on the ultrasounds, at least according to my Father. Every day I tend to think about the fact that my wife is pregnant and how happy we will be to corrup…err, raise a kid.

Great news everyone

It seems that our attempts at conception did not go unrewarded thankfully. We have been trying for a while and I am glad it finally happened. I really do not care if our kid is a boy or girl. I cannot wait until I can corrup…err, teach our child in the ways of being a …

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On Saturday 06/10/2006 I saw the movie Cars with some of the family. I thought it was a good movie. It was of course a movie for kids but it was fun to watch even as an adult that acts like a kid sometimes.

Windows Vista Beta 2

I got a copy of the newest beta of Microsoft’s most recent offering of Windows. The install is beyond simple from what I have seen so far. I am installing it on my Dell Latitude C640. All the specs are fine for it except for the video card so I will find out how bad …

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A few people I miss

I do not normally go much into topics of real personal value but I think I will for this post. I was looking at my Grandpa Smock’s tribute site because my father updated it by using a picture gallery software and I wanted to see how it was going. It did get me thinking of …

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X-Men 3: Spoiler free

Depending on how much you like to nitpick movies that are based on comics depends on how much you will like this one. If I take it as someone that has read a ton of the comics growing up and knows not only most of the histories of each of the characters, but most of …

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Marvel’s Ghost Rider movie

While I am not expecting much the trailer so far looks pretty good. I am sure that they will take some liberties with the concept but that seems to be the way things are done for movies. Click here to check out the trailer.


It has been a little while since I have done any posting to the blog. When I have not been busy I have been tired of doing too much with computers. I know that sounds scary if you know me, but I am doing better now. I updated some of the software running houstonjuggalos.com. It …

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Been a little while

It seems that I have been too busy with life to drop a post or two. Well, I will update on a few things that I have done in the time of this lack of posting. One thing that I have done is get a smaller computer case instead of the server case I was …

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Not much to say…or too much

This seems to be the first post of the new year. It took me a little while to get something typed. Well, I have been busy working hard and finding time for spending time with the wife. My IPod is still chugging along. I do not even have 10 gig used yet of the 30 available. …

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Not too bad a Christmas

We had a pretty decent Christmas. For the first time in a while I was able to afford to get just about everyone gifts. Nicki and I had a heck of a time getting everyone taken care of but it all came together. Everyone seemed to like their gifts. I got Nicki a Chocolate fountain, …

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Waiting for Christmas

Normally I do not care when Christmas rolls around because of the commercialism of the holiday. I mean, I still do the Midnight Mass thing, being Roman Catholic and all, and remember what Christmas is really about. It is just that this time of year I see the greed and the rudeness that is on …

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Web upgrades aplenty

Well, I finally got my Niece’s gallery upgraded to the newest version. She was using Gallery 1. She is now using Gallery 2. I also set up one of my nephews with a Gallery 2 set up of his own. For my Niece, Jessica, it is http://seeker.theuncle.com/ For my Nephew, Charlie, it is http://chucknasty.theuncle.com/ It …

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Job hunting and fence building

Well, I have found a job. It is with Wells Fargo. I think it will be an interesting job and looks like a fun challenge. On a side note, the fence is done and looks nice. I am glad I had help from my father or it would never have been finished or even much …

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Drupal and it’s oddities

Well, I am going to try my hand at getting a replacement site going for the slightly aging look of the Lone Star Spirits site. I am going to try and use Drupal as it seems to be very versatile and yet clean and modular. I think I can get something whipped out in a …

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Lack of posts

Well, I have been busy looking for a job and rebuilding the back fence. The former is because of getting laid off from First Community Bank which turned into Wells Fargo. The latter is because of Hurricane Rita. My father is helping me with the fence as I have no talent for anything related to …

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