Baby update

Well, I know our kiddo is not too far along yet but the ultrasound pictures are showing our child as developing well. I am hoping to have all of the pictures uploaded to soon and plan to try and keep it updated with new pictures as it gets closer to ‘go time’. I know kids can be rough but we have wanted this child since even before we got married so we are thrilled. I know I am handling the pregnancy better than Nicki, which is obvious as she is carrying the ‘heater’. I do not think that it would be as bad for her if she did not feel nauseous sometimes. Overall I get a bit nervous sometimes because it is a slightly high risk pregnancy. The odds are getting better all the time but I am a bit pragmatic if not a slight pessimist about most things. I am putting my faith in God on this one and hope what he deems best is in alignment with what we are hoping for. Well, that is it for now.

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