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Another child

Just popping on here to say my wife is pregnant. We just found out today.

My Son Headbanging with his Mom to Iron Man

This was sent to my sister but is still good for general consumption.

Long time no see

It looks like it has been a while yet again since my last post. I am still doing great at Glacial Energy and keep finding more to tinker with. My son is doing well, it is nice to be a Father. When I am not working or trying to spend time with my family I …

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Being marked

Well, it’s official. This morning my son gave me his personal rinse. My wife, Nicki, was going to bathe him and so she got his diaper off and handed him to me so she could get the water going. I was holding him just fine and then he happen to cut loose on me. Thankfully …

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The birth of our child

Well, my wife had our child on April 17th, 2007. In a C section way so she has to recover for a few days. He is 8 pounds 9 ounces and is 20″ long. His name is James Paul Smock. I am so happy to be a father. It truly is one of those kind …

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Getting closer

It is getting closer to the due date for that youngin of mine to come out. Of course he will come out when he is ready so it may happen sooner. He is of course due on or around April 27th. I am really looking forward to raising a child. I know it is not …

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It’s a boy

Earlier this week we went for the latest batch of ultrasounds and the nurse that was doing it said that our child is a boy. Looks like I may need to purchase some cigars soon for the big day. Also, Merry Christmas. You know, this should be a good Christmas… Go here for the …

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Baby update

Well, I know our kiddo is not too far along yet but the ultrasound pictures are showing our child as developing well. I am hoping to have all of the pictures uploaded to soon and plan to try and keep it updated with new pictures as it gets closer to ‘go time’. I know …

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Our Little Hurricane

Well, that is sort of what the kiddo looks like so far on the ultrasounds, at least according to my Father. Every day I tend to think about the fact that my wife is pregnant and how happy we will be to corrup…err, raise a kid.

Great news everyone

It seems that our attempts at conception did not go unrewarded thankfully. We have been trying for a while and I am glad it finally happened. I really do not care if our kid is a boy or girl. I cannot wait until I can corrup…err, teach our child in the ways of being a …

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A few people I miss

I do not normally go much into topics of real personal value but I think I will for this post. I was looking at my Grandpa Smock’s tribute site because my father updated it by using a picture gallery software and I wanted to see how it was going. It did get me thinking of …

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Web upgrades aplenty

Well, I finally got my Niece’s gallery upgraded to the newest version. She was using Gallery 1. She is now using Gallery 2. I also set up one of my nephews with a Gallery 2 set up of his own. For my Niece, Jessica, it is For my Nephew, Charlie, it is It …

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