X-Men 3: Spoiler free

Depending on how much you like to nitpick movies that are based on comics depends on how much you will like this one. If I take it as someone that has read a ton of the comics growing up and knows not only most of the histories of each of the characters, but most of the story lines that went along with them over the past 30+ years or so of publication; then I do not have much good things to say about it. If I go in not knowing much of anything about the X-Men but from what the previous two movies and some rambling about who has what powers then I would enjoy the movie. It had some parts that pissed me off because of knowing too much about the storylines. But then I remembered that the first two were pretty good even without following the storylines much at all and gave the third one some slack. I know my wife enjoyed it moreso than I did because she just knows most of what I tell her regarding the characters and their history. She did not grow up in the Marvel Universe. If I did not then I think I would have enjoyed the movie better.

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