The Happening

All I can say is ‘wow, what a load of tripe’. I decided to watch this movie tonight as I wanted to see if it was politically charged as some have said. BTW, if you read anymore you will get spoilers.It started out decent enough and when it ended up that the plants were the reason it started to slide toward more than mildly preachy. And after the event was done in the Northeast side of the US and they showed a commentary on a TV show there was a guy on it saying it was pretty much the planet giving us a warning. Honestly, I would never buy this movie or even rent it. I would say it is a borrow type movie and only if someone insists on lending it to you for free. If it would have just been a good old fashion creepy movie like something out of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits it would have been better. I think that I would rather watch the Scifi(SyFy now) channel weekly(on Saturday) movie than this one again.

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