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New Apache vulnerability[Optionsbleed]

I was reading up on this problem from the article linked here. Just make sure you update your Apache version to correct this issue. It has to do with the options request.

Working on a revamp

I got rid of As much as I wanted to hold on to it I did not see myself doing much with it. So far this is mostly a copy from that domain. I plan to make some visual changes in the coming weeks, months, whenever.

My website

If you come here every so often you may have noticed that the ‘’ URL now forwards to and the look has changed a bit. I am converting this to my website/blog. I plan to be adding more sections in the future. For right now it is a simple layout with some cosmetic bugs …

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Changing looks…

I was reading something from Rodolfo’s blog about changing the look so it does not have that ‘default’ feel to it. I plan to do the same thing but am suffering from some of the same problems when it comes to css. I think I am getting the hang of it slowly but time and …

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Another change…

I moved to WordPress to see how I like it. All my old posts have been imported so it’s all good.

Comments abound

I re-enabled the comments but put them on a moderator status so I have to approve of them. Anyway, I plan to change the look of the blog soon so it will be more of my liking.


I had to remove the comment ability for now because it keeps getting spammed. Anyway, more about it later…