Bugtracking and Sourceforge

One interesting thing I have found out is the problem with the broadcast storm issue on my DMZ at home was not just because of the NIC on the firewall but also an issue with the way a script parses and shows some wrong data. I decided to throw caution into the wind and play around with FreeBSD and Apache. I have it sitting on my connection behind the DMZ of course. I was using phpSysinfo to show generic stats of the computer running FreeBSD. Well, I am using version 5.1 of FreeBSD and it was showing nothing but errors on the network side. I decided to look at the bug reports for the info program. It seems that anything newer than 4.8 of FreeBSD has some issues with that. Well, I did find the fix. Somewhere near line 47 of ‘includes/os/class.FreeBSD.inc.php’ where it runs the netstat program it needs to be changed from ‘cut -c1-24,42-‘ to ‘cut -c1-24,44-‘. To think, some of the problem was one little line. Only ONE freaking number. This is why I am not into programming as a rule. I would loose all my hair if I decided to go into that area of computers.