I can be boring…but not always

I have noticed that when some of the people I know write blog entries they seem to have pages to say. I don’t think I have ever been able to put into words all of what I think, so mine tend to be a bit shorter if not redundant in nature. It has always been that way with me though. I remember all in grade school and even in college my writings being dry and while factually correct not always entertaining.
My abilities to keep on one subject or even stay on one point in a topic sometimes does not pan out; but hey, that is why they have rough drafts. Heh. Seriously though, I think that I need to get out more in my free time. Go to a park with my puppy. Teach her to ride in my truck. As I said in an earlier entry I need to play the guitar more. I think I remember where my teaching books are so that is a good start. One makes sense and the other is guitar tabs of ZZ Top songs for when I feel better about the quality of my playing. I don?t want to learn wimpy songs and I could not find Ozzy song tabs at the time? Gotta go. Later?