I got a DVD Burner

It is a DVR-A09XL Pioneer drive with a black front. The max writes are below for each format it can handle.
DVD-R 16x
DVD+R 16x
CD-R 40x
CD-RW 24x
The link to the page showing the specs for this unit is here.
So far it is pretty sweet. I am starting to do backups with it and plan to learn how to compile dvd movies one day. I got some DVD-R and DVD+RW blanks. I would have gone with DVD-RW blanks but I could not find them in more than 10 in a pack unlike the +RW blanks. I would have gotten some Dual Layer blanks but they are a bit costly right now. I even noticed that my burner can go faster than most of the media I was able to find can handle which is kinda neat. Anyway, I plan to waste a few DVD-R disks toying with the DVD movie functions. Gotta go… Later.

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