Not too bad a Christmas

We had a pretty decent Christmas. For the first time in a while I was able to afford to get just about everyone gifts. Nicki and I had a heck of a time getting everyone taken care of but it all came together. Everyone seemed to like their gifts. I got Nicki a Chocolate fountain, a smoothie machine, and a neat looking ring which cost more than I was looking for but she is worth it. She liked all three. Nicki got me a 30Gig Black Video IPod(5th generation) a movie and some clothes. I got some other stuff also but do not feel like getting into details right now. All in all, it was good. Also, when Nicki and I went to Midnight Mass out in Plantersville with my parents, my best friend came along for the ride as he came out to my parents to get a little bit of that wine my dad is so good at making. So, I got to welcome him to the old age of 27 when Mass started as his Birthday is on Dec. 25th. Anywho, gotta get going, I got work tomorrow so I need to attempt to get some sleep later on.

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