Waiting for Christmas

Normally I do not care when Christmas rolls around because of the commercialism of the holiday. I mean, I still do the Midnight Mass thing, being Roman Catholic and all, and remember what Christmas is really about. It is just that this time of year I see the greed and the rudeness that is on display and it is depressing. Not to mention the politicians and their politically correct manner of trying to destroy what Christmas is all about by removing that meaning and trying to remove the actual name of items normally associated with the holiday. I know I am rambling here and will try to make a point ASAP. Anyway, right now we are about done with the shopping and still have a bit of wrapping to do. I am just glad to have the family that I do have and am very thankful that most of them tolerate me to some degree, more or less. 🙂 Seriously, in case this is the last posting before Christmas I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. And last but not least, try not to drink too much since that is what New Year’s Eve is for. 😛

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